Use ChatGPT to figure out which schedule type is right for you

Let ChatGPT browse our support documentation to quickly determine which schedule best suits your needs
Sep 11, 2023 6 min read
Use ChatGPT to figure out which schedule type is right for you

In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can use ChatGPT to assist in creating a SuperSaaS schedule that meets your needs.

You may have already noticed that SuperSaaS is an extremely versatile booking system, used by many businesses and individuals for various purposes. As such, it offers several different schedule types to choose from. How do you determine which one suits your requirements best? Enter ChatGPT, an AI-powered assistant that can help you make an informed decision.

Please note: as with all current AI tools, accuracy of the response may vary. But the worst that can happen in this case is poor advice to use a suboptimal schedule type. Should that happen, creating a different schedule and deleting the old one is easy.

Create a schedule

When you create your SuperSaaS account, it does not contain any schedules. While our extensive support documentation and tutorials guide you through the configuration step by step, you might just need some help choosing and configuring your schedule as efficiently as possible. That is where ChatGPT comes in. ChatGPT is familiar with our support documentation and can give you useful advice on which schedule types exist, and which will best suit your business model.

The trick here is to make sure that you tailor your question correctly. We would suggest that you describe your business, as well as your schedule needs, as clearly as possible so ChatGPT can tailor the advice specifically to your needs. For example, the question “Can you help me choose the right schedule type in SuperSaaS?” would offer some helpful general questions to guide you in the decision-making process such as:

Here are steps to help you decide:
  1. Determine Your Needs: Think about the main activity you’re scheduling. Are you booking one-on-one sessions, group activities, or allocating resources?
  2. Consider User Experience: Think about the end-users and what will be easiest for them. Would they prefer to pick from a list of services, or just choose a time slot?
  3. Flexibility and Constraints: Do you need to set specific constraints, such as capacity limits or varying durations? Ensure the schedule type can accommodate these.
  4. Integration and Automation: Some schedule types might integrate better with other tools or allow for more automation.
  5. Test: Once you’ve made a selection, test the schedule with a few users to get feedback. You can always switch or adjust settings as needed.

But we can do better than that. These questions are ones that you should consider when you are choosing the right schedule type (and booking system), but they do not provide you with a clear sense of the schedule types SuperSaaS offer. For this, you need to refine your question a bit more.

This is why we suggest asking a question that provides ChatGPT with the names of the existing schedule types, your business needs, and the expectation you have from the given response: “Can you explain the service schedule, resource schedule and capacity schedule that SuperSaaS offers, and recommend which option is best for [my hair salon with three employees and multiple treatment options]?”


In this case, ChatGPT begins by giving you a brief overview of the schedule types:

  1. Service Schedule:
    • Description: The Service Schedule in SuperSaaS is designed for businesses that offer various services or treatments and want clients to book appointments for specific services.
    • How it Works: With this schedule type, you can list the different services your salon offers (e.g., haircuts, coloring, styling) and allow clients to select their desired service when booking appointments. Each service can have its own duration and price.
    • Recommended Use: If your salon offers a variety of treatments and services, and you want clients to choose the service they require when booking, the Service Schedule is a suitable option. It allows for easy categorization of services and ensures that clients are scheduled with the appropriate stylist based on their chosen service.
  2. Resource Schedule:
    • Description: The Resource Schedule is intended for scenarios where you need to manage the booking of specific resources or assets, such as staff members or treatment rooms.
    • How it Works: In a Resource Schedule, you create individual resources for each employee at your salon. Clients can then select both the desired treatment/service and the specific employee they want to book with.
    • Recommended Use: If you want to allow clients to choose not only their preferred service but also their preferred stylist (employee), the Resource Schedule is a good fit. It provides granular control over staff schedules and appointments.
  3. Capacity Schedule:
    • Description: The Capacity Schedule is useful for businesses with a limited capacity for appointments, where the number of clients seen in a given time slot needs to be managed.
    • How it Works: In this schedule type, you set a maximum capacity for each time slot, ensuring that you don’t overbook appointments. When a time slot reaches its capacity, it becomes unavailable for booking.
    • Recommended Use: If your salon has a limited number of treatment stations or staff members available at any given time, the Capacity Schedule can help you avoid overbooking and ensure that you stay within your salon’s capacity limits.

Then concludes its response by giving you advice tailored to your particular needs:


Recommendation for Your Hair Salon:

Considering that your hair salon has three employees and offers various treatment options, it’s highly likely that a combination of the Resource Schedule and Service Schedule would be the best choice for your salon:
  • Use the Resource Schedule to list your three employees (stylists) as resources. This allows clients to choose their preferred stylist when booking appointments.
  • Use the Service Schedule to categorize and list the various treatment options your salon offers (e.g., haircuts, coloring, styling) and allow clients to select their desired service when booking with a specific stylist.
This combination of schedules provides flexibility, allowing clients to customize their appointments by selecting both the stylist and the service they want. It also streamlines your scheduling process, making it easier to manage appointments for your salon’s unique requirements.

As you can see, this answer is great when you are strapped for time and want to create a schedule as quickly as possible. Since all of our support documentation is available online, ChatGPT is able to use the information we have published to give you some useful advice.

It can also answer other question about our configuration process, but a regular search may work just as well there. It’s important to highlight a big difference between the two:

  • If a regular search does not give you the right answer, you should rephrase your search to include more or less specific terms.
  • If an AI assistant does not provide the answer you are looking for you should tell it what you would like to see differently, just like you would tell a human.

So, instead of starting a new chat and asking the same question differently, it’s often more fruitful to say something along the lines of: “Please explain if this can also handle payment, and where do I set that up”.

While we used ChatGPT in the examples above, Google Gemini is also able to help you set up your schedule – however, we should mention we encountered a few more goofs while chatting with Bard.

Selecting the right schedule type is a crucial step in optimizing your appointment schedule. With the help of ChatGPT, you can make an informed decision based on your unique requirements and objectives. Whether you’re a business owner, educator, or event organizer, leveraging the power of AI can simplify the process of finding the perfect SuperSaaS schedule for your needs. Start a conversation with ChatGPT today to streamline your scheduling process and boost your productivity.

You can try many other prompts to find out more about SuperSaaS. Try asking ChatGPT about the available payment options, suggestions on layout colors or our company history! Perhaps it can even help you contact our support team.