Bronwyn Wainwright Bronwyn Wainwright Marketing manager @SuperSaaS May 22

Connect your schedule reminders and follow ups to other apps

Automate and customize your online schedule reminders and follow up notifications using Zapier or Integromat.

Connect your schedule reminders and follow ups to other apps

We have always offered webhooks for creating links between your SuperSaaS schedule and other apps or web services to inform them of events happening in your schedule. Now, with a little behind the scenes magic, we have added two additional webhooks for reminders and follow ups.

As a start, here are seven ideas of how you can use the reminder or follow up triggers for your schedule:

  1. Add notes: If you offer classes or workshops, you can include class material or a recap of the workshop as PDF attachments to your follow up emails.
  2. Go mobile: Automate text reminders if your users are on the go and you don’t want to rely on email reminders that may not be read in time.
  3. Streamline processes: As soon as a guest’s stay is over, trigger a text message to alert housekeeping that a room is ready for cleaning.
  4. Attach the fine print: Include company disclaimer forms in email reminders.
  5. Automate reminder calls: Create automated “robo” calls via web services like Twillo or Clicksend, for example to send a voice reminder to patients half an hour before their appointment.
  6. Updates in Slack: When an appointment is about to start, send a notification to a Slack channel.
  7. Share access codes: Send a door code for a meeting room to staff or students before a meeting starts.

Ultimate customizability

The possibilities are endless. Once you connect your schedule via Zapier or Integromat, you can use most fields in your schedule. Reminders can be customized according to resources or services, date, time of day, or even price. You can be as specific as enabling an email trigger if a mobile number is not invalid.

While it may sound a little complicated, there’s no need to worry because you won’t need any development or programming ability to set up these webhooks.

Our development team has created a few ready-to-use templates for Integromat and Zapier. These templates make it even easier for you to create automatic triggers when you want to send pre-appointment notifications or if you want to follow up after an appointment has occurred.

You can view a comprehensive list of tools that integrate with SuperSaaS on our integrations section. Please feel free to let us know if you come up with a useful application or build your own template and want to share with other SuperSaaS users.