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16 Smart Ways to Increase your Revenue with SuperSaaS

Smart tips to grow your small business and increase the revenue generated with your online booking system SuperSaaS

16 Smart Ways to Increase your Revenue with SuperSaaS

Growing your small business is not an easy feat and requires a large amount of perseverance and dedication. Knowing your customers better and using simple revenue growth strategies can go a long way in increasing your business revenue. In this blog post, you will discover smart ways to implement revenue growth tactics with your SuperSaaS schedule.

Create your own sales and marketing promotions

Super Hack #1: Create smart promotional offers (like “Buy One Get One”, “Buy 2 Get 3” and so on)

Smart promotional offers and coupons are a great way to convert even uninterested customers into customers who are willing to try your product or services. Offering smart promotional offers drives your sales and allows you to attract new customers. With SuperSaaS, you can customize your own offer, for example, “Buy one get one free”, “Buy 3 get 5” and so on.

Here is how to create your own promotional offers for your customers:

  1. Allow the system to accept coupon codes by customizing the coupon field under the process tab on the configuration screen of your schedule. Click the first Customize link to customize the additional field under the header “What information should the user enter with each reservation?” Allow the system to accept coupon codes

  2. Under the “Edit Custom Field” screen, name the custom field as something like “Coupon Code”. Next, check the field “This field contains a coupon code” and under type of element select “Text field (one line)”. You can choose to make the coupon code optional or mandatory depending on your marketing strategy.
    Don’t forget to save your changes before returning to the configuration screen. Add a custom field for coupon code

  3. On the Overview tab of the configuration screen, click the link to Set up promotions next to the Price field. This field is only visible when your schedule contains a coupon field.

  4. On the Promotions screen, press the New Promotion button to set up the coupon code.

  5. In the pop up that appears, enter a name for the coupon code. For example, our promotion offers “Buy One Get One Offer” or BOGO in short, so we enter BOGO2019 as the coupon code.

  6. Next, enter $limit<1 $limit>3 in the description field. This indicates that the coupon applies if more than one and fewer than 3 appointments have been made on the schedule. Next, add the discount percentage as “50 percent”.
    Please note: The $limit applies only to the number of bookings on a particular schedule. The other options like “Can be used only on the first appointments” checks for bookings across all schedules. Create a buy one get one offer with SuperSaaS

  7. You can then customize other details of your coupon code like validity, number of times it can be used by the customers, etc. Save your changes once you have configured your coupon settings and your coupon code will be ready to use by the customers.

You can customize your offer by changing the number with the $limit magic word description. Find more details on how to customize your coupon codes in our Support documentation for setting up discounts and promotions.

Super Hack #2: Attract more customers with promotional offers for new sign ups

As a business owner, you’re always looking to expand your business reach with new customers. Attracting new customers becomes easier with special incentives and promotional offers. With SuperSaaS, you can create promotional offers focused on attracting new customers.

In order to create promotional offers for new customers, you can follow the steps listed in our Support documentation to create promotional coupons.

While configuring the new coupon, simply select the settings “Can only be used on the first appointment” and “Can only be used once per user”. This will ensure your new customers can use the coupon code only on their first booking.

create promotional offers for new customers

Based on your business preferences, you can choose to customize the discount percentage or simply offer a flat discount amount.

Super Hack #3: Create special coupon codes and promote bookings via websites like Groupon, Living Social, etc.

When you’re managing a small business, you’re often competing to acquire new customers. However, the cost to acquire a new customer is higher, given the amount of competition in the market. Save your advertising spend by utilizing coupon platforms like Groupon, Living Social, etc. Ecommerce marketplaces like Groupon can help you increase your traffic, increase your business visibility and generate higher volume of sales. Once you’ve acquired new customers, it is easier to attract them to a second visit through your marketing communications.

You can use SuperSaaS coupons and promotions feature to generate a batch of single use coupons for use with daily deal websites like Groupon or LivingSocial. Follow the step by step tutorial in our support documentation to generate multiple coupons with similar settings like validity, usability, etc.

create a group of promotional codes for GroupOn, LivingSocial

Once your coupon codes are live, you can track the bookings created on the Promotions screen under the “Used” column.

Super Hack #4: Use a festival or special event to create promotional campaign

Your customers are in the spending mood around holidays and special occasions. Utilize these special events to promote your business with limited time holiday offers. Create promotional coupons with limited validity period to encourage users to book during the holiday season.

You can customize the coupon for festival and event promotions. For example, you can offer a 20% Christmas discount on all bookings made between 1st December to 31st December by customizing the coupon code.

create holiday promotional offers with SuperSaaS booking system

Super Hack #5: Promote your offers among recent customers via promotional emails using MailChimp

Automate your marketing efforts to increase your revenue and reduce the pressure on your marketing team. SuperSaaS integrates with a lot of your marketing software like MailChimp, Hubspot CRM, Zoom, etc. Use our predefined template to connect MailChimp with SuperSaaS. The template automatically adds all new users on your SuperSaaS schedule to your MailChimp list as new subscribers.

Encourage customers to make a booking on your schedule by customizing the email templates from MailChimp. Grow your mailing list automatically, save cost and keep a better track of your email marketing efforts by connecting your SuperSaaS account to your MailChimp account.

Differentiate pricing based on customer segmentation

Super Hack #6: Reduce prices for certain customers by creating pricing rules based on user groups

SuperSaaS allows you to group your users into separate user groups. User groups can be used to serve complex requirements, such as limiting access of certain schedules to given user groups. Another great way of using user groups is to offer special discounts and offers for repeated customers. Reward the users who frequently make a booking on your schedule by offering them discounted prices.

For example, consider you’re a yoga studio which has created 3 user groups named “Gold club members”, “Silver club members” and “Non members”. You choose to offer a 20% discount to gold members and 10% discount to silver members. The non members are free to create a booking on the regular pricing.

To set this up, you first need to create user groups.

Once you have created user groups, you can simply follow the steps listed in our Support documentation to set up the pricing rules. The pricing rule configuration will appear similar to the one shown below:

create pricing rules for specific user groups

Super Hack #7: Increase bookings with early bird discounts depending on how early the customers make the booking

Early bird discounts can make your business more successful when used skillfully. When running an event, workshop or managing classes/sessions you can plan ahead by incentivising early bookings. Early bird pricing encourages commitment from your customers.

In order to set up early bird pricing, you need to set up simple pricing rules. For example, in this demo we choose to offer a 20% discount on bookings made 15 days before the scheduled time of our workshop and the pricing rule is configured in the way shown below:

create pricing rules based on how early a user makes a booking

Save your changes and test it out as a user. As long as the booking is created more than 15 days in advance the system will automatically apply the given discount on the pricing for your users.

Super Hack #8: Earn more when only a few slots remain on the slot

You strive to keep your products and services competitively priced. However, since the demand is always fluctuating, it makes sense to base your pricing on the demand. Demand based pricing depends on consumer demand (and hence the perceived value) to set the price of a good or service. SuperSaaS allows you to adjust your pricing based on the remaining capacity of your group events. (Please note: This is only valid for capacity type schedule.)

You can choose which action you want the system to perform, for example, in this case we increase the price by 10% when the space left for the fitness class is less than 5. This allows us to increase our revenue when a specific class is popular among users.

create pricing rules based on the number of remaining empty slots

Similarly, you can incentivize users who make more than a particular number of reservations on your schedule as shown in the example below.

create pricing rules based on the the quantity of bookings

Super Hack #9: Encourage users to book on low volume days with time based special discounts

Offering special discounts in happy hours is one of the most commonly used sales strategy among restaurant owners and service providers. Offering discounted pricing during off peak hours or less busy days is a great way to increase your revenue and keep your employees busy, especially for service based businesses. Happy hours increase customer loyalty and allow you to boost your bottom line.

To create happy hour discount pricing you need to set up your own pricing rules. For example, consider a salon which wants to offer a 50% discount on Tuesday and Thursday can set up a pricing rule as shown below:

create time based special discounts

Please Note: It is possible to create a combination of multiple pricing rules.

Attract new customers, get more bookings and cross sell

Super Hack #10: Sell subscriptions or bundle multiple products to create attractive packages for your customers

When you have customers who book on your schedule frequently, it’s easier to handle payments with the credit system. The credit system allows your customers to buy credits from your web shop and use these credits to pay for your services or resources. A credit system works similar to payments, but make it easier for you to handle refunds and provide discounts. You can set up the credit system with the steps listed in our Support documentation.

Once you have configured your payment provider, you can create your own products in the web shop. For example, if you manage a fitness class, you can allow customers to pay for 10 sessions to receive credits worth 12 sessions. These credits can be utilized across multiple classes like kick boxing, yoga, Zumba, etc. You can set up this package under the “Shop Management” tab of your dashboard by clicking on “New Product” button.

create special packages and membership discounts for your customers

It is possible to send multiple combination of services or resources via different packages.

You can also allow customers to buy monthly memberships for your business. To configure unlimited credits simply add (⎼) in the credit field. You can leave the Inventory section blank if you do not want to limit the number of memberships for your fitness classes.

create monthly membership discounts for your customers

Super Hack #11: Increase bookings on your schedule by sharing the schedule link via multiple channels

In order to increase your customer base, you need to constantly attract new customers and encourage existing customers to rebook on your schedule. Having a steady flow of customers booking on your schedule will ensure revenue growth for your business. One of the key factors affecting the number of bookings on your appointment booking schedule is the schedule’s visibility. Some of the quickest ways of getting more appointments on your schedule are:

  • Email: Add a link or button to your booking schedule in your email signature
  • Website: Customize your own call to action button and add it to your website
  • Facebook: Allow customers to create a booking directly from the Facebook “Book Now” button
  • QR Codes: Create easy to scan graphics and add them to your promotional material like posters, social media posts, business cards, etc. to get more leads
  • Business Blog: Include call to action on your business blog pages
  • Local directories: Add a link to your booking schedule from your review sites
  • Google Business Listing: Include a link to your appointment booking schedule from your free Google Business Listing

By simply increasing the visibility of your schedule you can encourage users to take action of making a booking on your schedule.

Super Hack #12: Increase average transaction size for customers by offering additional services via drop down menu

Cross selling refers to selling additional products or services to customers when they’re making a purchase with your business. For example, a salon business allows customers to book special hair care products while booking a hair service. Cross selling is primarily aimed at helping a customer and simultaneously trying to increase the revenue. Cross selling not only enhances customer value and broadens the choice of products and services for customers, but also offers convenience and flexibility to customers.

You can choose to cross sell multiple products on your SuperSaaS booking schedule by creating an additional drop down menu for your customers. Follow the instructions in the given video to set up your own drop down menu:

Utilize appointment booking system features to save time and money

Super Hack #13: Increase the frequency of transactions per customer by automated follow up messages

A simple follow-up email or SMS message can bring back the customers to your booking schedule. Sending regular follow-up messages not only builds customer trust in your product/service, it also makes them feel connected to your brand. You can pair follow-up messages with special promotional coupons to up sell your services. Craft your follow-up messages to encourage users to create another booking with you.

SuperSaaS allows you to send personalized automated follow-up messages to your customers. You can configure the system to send follow-up messages at a certain time after the appointment ends via the Process tab on the configuration screen of your schedule:

send automated follow up messages to your customers

You can decide when you want to send a follow-up message and personalize this message under the layout tab of your configuration screen. Read our blog post to learn how to personalize your follow up emails.

send automated follow up messages to your customers

Super Hack #14: Reduce no-shows with automated email/SMS reminders

Often customers schedule an appointment and forget to show up, resulting in “no-shows”. This not only results in lost revenue and inconvenience but also reduces the productivity of your staff members. Last-minute cancellations and no-shows are expected, but you as a business owner can take measures to minimize this lost revenue by sending automated email/SMS reminders via SuperSaaS. Text reminders can reduce no-shows by as much as 35% and fewer no-shows can result in cost savings for your business.

You can set up automated reminders under the process tab on the configuration screen of your schedule.

send email/SMS reminders to your customers automatically

Automated messages can sometimes come across as cold and impersonal. SuperSaaS allows you to customize each of these reminder messages in different ways, for example, by adding name, displaying their unique customer ID, sharing appointment details, adding your own subject line and so on.

SuperSaaS also allows you to create your own cancellation policy. You can specify how far in advance can the users change or modify the booking on your schedule. You can configure this via Process tab on the configuration screen of your schedule.

create your own cancellation policy with SuperSaaS booking system

Super Hack #15: Reduce losses from last-minute cancellation by adding users to the waiting list

Last minute appointment cancellations are inevitable. Things happen, people forget and traffic is always unpredictable. It’s unavoidable. Missed revenue opportunities and lost revenue can be frustrating. Trying to fill in a canceled appointment usually leads to many back and forth emails or calls. This can be time consuming and less efficient. SuperSaaS allows you to reduce this inefficiency with the waiting list feature.

Allow interested users to add their name to the waiting list when the slot is fully booked. You can do this via Resources tab on the configuration screen of your schedule.

add users to the waiting list automatically

Once an appointment slot becomes available, the system automatically sends a confirmation message to the first person on the waiting list. You can customize the messages sent to the users on the waiting list with special magic words.

In addition, allow the users on the waiting list to pay for the booking only once their appointment is confirmed. You can do this on the Process tab on the configuration screen of your schedule.

add users to the waiting list

Super Hack #16: Spend less time on phone and let customers self schedule

Scheduling appointments over the phone is time consuming and requires staff members to keep track of all the bookings. Adopting an online appointment booking system to schedule your appointments has several benefits:

  • It saves you a lot of time & money: When you and your employees are not tied up in dealing with appointment bookings, you save time and can focus on more important aspects of your business.
  • Customers can self schedule: Make it convenient for customers to find your booking schedule and book a time slot which is preferable for both of you. Customers can schedule, reschedule or cancel the bookings without bothering you over the phone. This keeps your customers happy and make the booking process convenient for them.
  • 24/7 online availability: According to a recent study, 40 percent of appointments that are scheduled online after the office is closed. This means that by offering 24/7 convenience of online scheduling, you can increase the number of overall appointments while reducing any added strain on the business’s office administration. More bookings result in more business and fewer overhead costs mean more profits for your business.

We encourage you to try one or more techniques to improve your business revenue. If you have any questions or queries about the system, please feel free to drop us a message.