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How to maximize your schedule power with JavaScript plug-ins

Snippets of JavaScript code can add extra functionality to your schedule

How to maximize your schedule power with JavaScript plug-ins

Many customers want to add an extra amount of flair or customization to their schedule. A great tool for accomplishing this is JavaScript. JavaScript snippets are small pieces of code that you can place on your schedule to add in extra functionality. SuperSaaS offers three separate places where you can place code within your SuperSaaS account, including above the calendar itself in the white space above the schedule. In this blog, we will explain how you can use JavaScript to maximize your use of SuperSaaS. We will cover:

Common uses for JavaScript on a SuperSaaS schedule

Some of the extra things you can accomplish with JavaScript include adding Google Analytics to your schedule. This way, you can see how your users are interacting with your schedule and see how you can possibly improve their experience.

In addition, you can add a Facebook conversion snippet that allows you to see how many people were directed to your schedule from your Facebook page.

Other solutions JavaScript can provide is adding a countdown timer to your schedule to indicate to your customers how long they have to sign-up or how long they have to wait until they can sign up.

Finally, one of the more interesting use cases for JavaScript on your schedule is to add an option for Live Chat on your schedule. Live Chat is a convenient way to let customers get in touch with you while they are attempting to book on your schedule. Customers may have questions before they book with you, and adding Live Chat is a great way of being there for your users when they need you.

Directions for adding JavaScript plug-ins to your schedule

The steps to adding a JavaScript plugin to your schedule are actually quite easy. Simply follow these instructions in order to embed these handy features within SuperSaaS:

  • Find your JavaScript code snippet: You will first need the code to add to your calendar. You can either sign up for one of the accounts with Google Analytics, a Live Chat service, or another JavaScript-based service or you can retrieve the code from another source. Once you receive the JavaScript snippet, will look something similar to this: Example of a JavaScript snippet of code
  • Copy and paste into your SuperSaaS schedule: You can do this by going to the Configure Page and then selecting the Layout Tab. Within the Layout Tab, you can choose to put the code on all screens associated with your calendar. This means the message above the white space in the schedule, the login screen, and the checkout screen. In the right-hand corner of each of these text boxes, there will be a small <> button that you can select. Upon selecting that button, place the source code in the text box. Where to place the JavaScript within SuperSaaS
  • Save your changes and see the results: After you save your changes, you should be able to see and use the updated schedule. You have now successfully implemented the code into your schedule. Until you decide to remove or modify it, this function will remain in place on your schedule.

Examples of how adding Live Chat or Countdown Timers can benefit your schedule

The above process can be used to add any number of JavaScript snippets. This includes Live Chat and Countdown Timer features.

As discussed, a countdown can be added to the schedule to indicate to your customers when they should make their bookings. It’s a convenient and effective call to action that can increase the number of bookings you make.

This is what a countdown would look like on your schedule:

An example of a countdown on a schedule

Included below is the JavaScript snippet that will allow you to add a countdown to your schedule. You can add in the custom text above the countdown to add context to the timer. Be sure to adjust the highlighted portion to reflect the time you want the countdown to end.

<p>Registration Ends:</p>
<p id="counter" style="font-size:40px">-</p>
var deadline = new Date("4/15/2019 17:00:00") // Set the deadline
setInterval(function() {
  var s=(deadline-new Date())/1000|0,m=s/60|0,h=m/60|0,d=h/24|0,
  out="It's over"
  if (s>0) {out=(d ? d +"d " : '')+
  (h ? h%24 + "h " : '')+m%60+'m '+s%60+'s'}
  document.getElementById("counter").innerHTML = out
}, 1000);

Another feature mentioned above is Live Chat software. This type of software can prevent the hassle of back-and-forth emails and calls by giving your users a quick and easy way to reach you while they are booking on your schedule. You can now answer quickly answer any questions they may have about booking, which can increase the number of bookings on your schedule.

This is what a Live Chat Button would look like on your schedule:

A LiveChat button on a booking schedule

An open chat dialog box

Live Chat may only be one of the integrations offered through JavaScript plug-ins, but there are several choices you have when it comes to choosing the right Live Chat software.

Types of Live Chat software that integrate readily with SuperSaaS

SuperSaaS offers third-party integration with several types of Live Chat software. Some of the most popular that we integrate with are Intercom, Live Chat Inc, Chatra, Zoho Desk, Pure Chat, My LiveChat, and ZenDesk. In this blog, we will give you a short description of each:

  1. Intercom- Intercom is one of the most popular Live Chat platforms for all stages of the marketing funnel. Intercom builds a suite of messaging products that any modern business can use to accelerate growth across the customer lifecycle, from acquisition to engagement to support. After a free trial period of 14 days, Intercom plans start at $38 a month.

  2. Live Chat Inc- Live Chat Inc is a good option for those customers who seek to communicate with you immediately across multiple devices. It is an application that enables the visitors on your site to chat with you or your support team. It’s a solution great for e-commerce and customer care. Includes features like unique greetings and reporting tools. Live Chat Inc features a 30-day free trial, after which plans start at $16 per month.

  3. Chatra- Chatra allows you to initiate conversations with customer and be there when they need you to be. When offline, be accessible via Messenger and you can now employ direct communication without the strain of being online all the time. You can automatically engage customers with targeted auto-messages. Chatra proudly offers a free forever plan and if you want more features, paid plans start at $16 a month.

  4. Zoho Desk- The Zoho team allows you to operate a smart and organized help desk. This means you can provide customer support when your customers need it. Zoho Desk tries to match the needs and uniqueness of your business by letting you customize and integrate it with other apps. With Zoho Desk, you can look at trends and patterns in your team’s efforts, make improvements, and inspire better performance. Zoho Desk also features a free plan with limited features and paid packages with full features begin at $12 a month.

  5. Pure Chat- Pure Chat is a free form of live chat feature meant for pre-sales and support features. Pure Chat is easy to set up and intuitive to use. Improve your bottom line with real-time support without paying for every single interaction. Pure Chat has a free forever plan as well as paid packages starting at $39 per month for larger businesses.

  6. My LiveChat- My LiveChat includes unlimited chats, canned responses, pro active chats, customizable widgets, chat history and very fast message delivery. My LiveChat is an on-demand, pay as you go, no contract, cancel anytime live chat solution. This makes it one of the more flexible live chat options listed. My LiveChat has a free forever plan and starter plans that begin at $15 a month.

  7. ZenDesk- ZenDesk offers Live Chat across multiple channels including phone, email, and text messaging. ZenDesk is a customer service and engagement platform that is powerful and flexible so that it can scale to meet the needs of any business. Chat support allows you to anticipate customer questions and offer help when they need it. ZenDesk offers one of the most affordable Live Chat softwares with paid plans starting at just $5 per month.

Whether it’s Live Chat Google Analytics, or any other function, JavaScript snippets are valuable tools that can be used to optimize your calendar in many different ways. By following these simple instructions, you can build exactly the calendar you want.