Kirsty Stephens Kirsty Stephens Marketing manager @SuperSaaS Mar 30

Boost your online appointment bookings via your Facebook page

Increase your online appointment bookings with ease using a Book Now button.

Boost your online appointment bookings via your Facebook page

Facebook is a great tool for increasing online appointment bookings and growing your business. Once you have integrated your appointment schedule with your Facebook business page, you can gain even more exposure and attract increased engagement simply by boosting your page.

Looking for an online appointment schedule that integrates with Facebook or your website? Sign up for an unlimited free trial period and start scheduling today.

Promoting your online appointment booking schedule via Facebook is easy to do and while it does mean you’ll have to pay a small fee, it is probably the best and cheapest way to ensure you reach the right audience in the right location for your service. You can create a target audience based on gender, age, location and interests, which means you can engage new users and quickly increase your customer base. An added benefit is that you can do so without breaking your budget.

Useful tip: Make it easier for your customers to book with you by sharing your link via call to action buttons.

If you haven’t already integrated your SuperSaaS appointment schedule with your Facebook page, you can use our quick tutorial on how to add a “Book Now” button.